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How to embody and activate your inner feminine power, release blockages, and reclaim your own worth.

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Join me for this 5 days Free Online Course to Awaken your Wild Wise Feminine within & reflect on your blockages that stop you to Reclaim your worth. You will receive Daily Practices which will help you to embrace your Sensuality, Inner Power, and  Learn how to create a routine for yourself to embody your Inner Goddess. 

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Here's What You'll Step Into

In this free Do it Yourself Retreat, I’m going to share with you simple but effective practices that will give you new perspectives, and practical exercises for activating your sensuality & reflect on your own worth to live the life you desire.

In fact, these practices that I’m about to share with you are the same strategies I’ve used to heal myself, release unwanted energy, attract new connections, connect with my body's wisdom, and reduce the unwanted energies that does not serve me anymore. 

Here are three things you’re going to get from this online retreat: 



 Daily morning & evening practices within 15 minutes.
 that will help you tap into your radiance to feel centered &  more confident. 

Journal questions that help you release blockages & reclaim the love and power you desire and deserve. 

Exercises that will help you to receive the Wisdom of Nature & its connections with your Body. 

Learn to listen to your body to find answers on who you really are. 

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My work as a
Holistic Socio-Therapist, Coach,
Accredited Healer and Master Teacher, A
rtist, Writer, Designer, Singer and Dancer, started with my worldwide studies almost 35 years ago, when I first lived in India as a very young woman.

Inspired and fascinated by the diversity of
belief systems and rituals, I spent all of my life as a global nomade, 
exploring and studying different therapies, meditations, Yoga, Breathwork, Tantra, Shamanism, traditional, spiritual and energetic dances,
ceremonies and healing modalities
in all corners of the world.

Now I want to share my knowledge and powerful practices with you that will help you to Rewire your Nervous System & live life with more Joy & Freedom. 

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